Car Wash & Detaling

At Ecoshine, our wash and detailing process is the safest, most effective way to maintain your vehicle´s finish and value. We have many years of experience, a devoted staff, and continued education that has allowed us to become the premium detailing business of Toledo. We are able to ensure that our customers receive the finest in both quality and customer service.


Car Wash

  • Enviro-Shield Clear Paint Protection
  • ClearVision Windshield Sealant
  • Pressure Wash 2 Front Rubber Mats
  • Wipe & “Lightly” Clean: Dashboard, Console, Steering Wheel, Door Panels
  • Trained and skilled car wash crew members
  • Wheels & Rims Hand Finished
  • Spray Foam Wax
  • Blow Out Crevasses Between & Under Seats
  • Plush MicroFiber Towel Dry
  • Spot Free Rinse

Car Detaling

  • Pretreat carpet, floor mats, and seats with compressed air to loosen up dirt/dust
  • Machine shampoo and heat extract floor mats/carpet/upholstery to remove embedded dirt/grime/stains
  • Steam clean interior trim and panels to remove dirt/grime build up
  • Odor bomb to remove unwanted interior smells
  • Apply UV protective dressing to interior trim
  • Wipe down interior trim and panels with a pH neutral cleaner to remove light dirt
  • Thorough vacuum of the entire vehicle

  • Multi­step machinepolishing process to restore a better than show room appearance
  • Wheels are removed to thoroughly clean wheel wells, calipers, and wheel barrels
  • One step machine polish to remove oxidation, scratches, and swirl marks
  • Claybar treatment to remove surface contamination
  • Apply spray wax to paint, trim, and windows